About Us

We like building websites and we love design - that means we like working with people who care about what they do online. We can throw a brochure website together and work with a tight budget but we really enjoy building a web application that will make a difference for you and the way you work.

Bad Monkey Media was started over 10 years ago by Martin Stout and is still producing awesome work online today. With over 20 years of experience Martin is a full stack developer who has experience of online projects from design through to development. With a pool of talented freelancers to call upon we are available to work on any size project.

We are mainly focussed on delivering websites for small to medium sized businesses but we do have larger clients and we are capable of delivering on a grander scale.

Based in Bedford, Bad Monkey Media has clients across the country but we predominantly work with companies from within the three counties area such as those in Milton Keynes and Watford.